Old Greenwich RR Station Upgrades and Bridge Replacement

News, Traffic and Parking Updates


Public Information Week of March 25 thru March 31


Construction Activities and Notices Regarding Pedestrian and Commuter Access:

  • The use of stairways from Sound Beach Avenue to Track 1 North Platform is no longer available. Pedestrians are advised to use existing open West sidewalk and a temporary walkway further North at North Station Drive in order to reach North Lot and access North Platform (Track 1). The stairway leading to Track 4 is open now.
  • Platforms on the bridge and West of the bridge are closed for bridge demolition. Pedestrian access will be limited to existing platforms East of the bridge.
  • Additional new platforms and shelter are also available at East end of the existing platform.
  • New stairs adjacent to new shelter at North Platform are now open for access to new platform sections. Please utilize.

Night Time Operations 3/24/19 to 3/30/19):

  • No night time operations are scheduled.

Daytime Operations (3/25/19 to 3/31/19):

  • Set bearings at Tomac Avenue bridge.
  • Rebar and form work for abutments at Sound Beach Avenue bridge.
  • Place concrete for bridge seats at Sound Beach Avenue.
  • Install chain link fence along Track 3, East side.

Traffic Update

The East sidewalk will be closed under the bridge. For a few weeks, please utilize the West sidewalk to access North platform.

Stairs at North side of South Beach Avenue bridge are closed for bridge demolition. Please follow signs to utilize open sidewalk, crosswalks, and temporary walkway at North Station Drive, to access North Platform (Track 1).

Stairs at Southeast side leading to South Platform (Track 4) are open now.