Old Greenwich RR Station Upgrades and Bridge Replacement

Traffic Update:

NEW PUSH BUTTON PEDESTRIAN CROSSWALK OPEN: Please note a new crosswalk has been installed at either end of the Sound Beach Avenue Rail Road Overpass to facilitate pedestrian crossing.

Public Information Week of October 22 thru October 29


*NIGHT TIME OPERATIONS Scheduled for Saturday Night, October 28 and November 4 through November 9. (No lane closures/detours.)

*WORK SCHEDULED TO CONTINURE ON THE REMAINING PORTION OF THE RETAINING WALL IN THE LOWER PARKING LOT. Please expect some traffic congestion in the lower and upper lots due to construction vehicles and equipment. **Please respect the traffic control devices.**

*PEDESTRIAN CROSSWALK - SOUND BEACH AVENUE - Please note that a new push button pedestrian crosswalk has been installed on Sound Beach Avenue to assist pedestrians.

*PEDESTRIAN WALKWAY ESTABLISHED. Please note that a protective walkway has been established along the driveway leading from the northbound station platform to Sound Beach Avenue.

Construction Activities and Notices Regarding Pedestrian and Commuter Access:

  • New access points open from the parking lot to the northbound/New Haven side of the station platform.
  • New Pedestrian protected walkway access along driveway to northbound platform area.
  • The East side staircases accessing the Northbound/New Haven side of the tracks from Sound Beach Avenue have been closed and will remain closed for demolishing and reconstructing of the new stairs.

Daytime Operations, October 23 thru October 27

  • Day Time Operations are scheduled to continue on Monday, Oct. 23 through Friday, Oct. 27, 6 am to 2:30 pm daily.
  • Continue the installation of parapet at the top of the MSE wall.
  • Work on parking lot improvements; concrete curbing at upper parking lot.
  • Hand rail installation at south platform and stairs.
  • Relocate chain link fence at Northeast section of platform.
Retaining wall at lower parking lot. Retaining wall at lower parking lot. See the gallery for a larger view.
Drainage work behind retaining wall. Drainage work behind retaining wall.
Moment slabs at top of retaining wall. Moment slabs at top of retaining wall.
Turf establishment and parapet work at top of wall. Turf establishment and parapet work at top of wall.


The Connecticut Department of Transportation has announced the start of Project No. 301-0092 Rehabilitation of Metro-North Railroad Bridge No. 03948R and Bridge No. 03955R in the Town of Greenwich.

The Project is comprised of four different sites:

Site 1 - Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 03948R over Sound Beach Avenue – The existing bridge superstructure will be demolished and a new bridge constructed in its place. The new bridge will result in the elimination of the concrete/steel pier from the center of Sound Beach Avenue. The southbound left-turning lane into the south parking lot will be lengthened, and the existing sidewalks will be replaced with new 6' wide sidewalks. The existing wooden stairways that allow access to the platforms from Sound Beach Avenue will also be replaced with new concrete stairways.

Site 2 - Rehabilitation of Bridge No. 03955R over Tomac Avenue – The existing bridge superstructure will be demolished and a new bridge constructed in its place. Tomac Avenue will be restriped and a new 4' sidewalk will be constructed under the west side of the bridge.

Site 3 - Railroad Station Improvements – The station platforms will be extended from the existing 6-car length to accommodate 10-car passenger loading. Upgrades to the platforms include new energy-efficient lighting, three enclosed shelters, twenty-seven 4-person benches, six trash/recycling receptacles, and new concrete staircases and railings.

Site 4 - South Commuter Parking Lot – The upper and lower parking lots will be expanded from the existing 99 spaces to 220 spaces. Work includes the construction of an architecturally-aesthetic retaining wall, installation of new energy-efficient lighting and eco-friendly drainage, repaving of both the upper and lower parking lots, and establishment of new landscaping plants and shrubs.

The Notice to Proceed (NTP) was issued on August 13, 2014, to Manafort Brothers, Inc. at a cost of $14,875,329.00 and is scheduled for completion in May 2018. Project management and inspection will be performed by Gannett Fleming, Inc.